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Announcement of the resolution of the BOD to issue new shares through capitalization of earnings and capital surplus

Date of announcement
Time of announcement
Announcement of the resolution of the BOD to
issue new shares through capitalization of earnings
and capital surplus
Date of events
To which item it meets
paragraph 11
1.Date of the board of directors resolution:2023/02/24
2.Source of capital increase funds:Earnings and capital surplus
3.Whether to adopt shelf registration
    (Yes, please state issuance period/No):No
4.Total monetary value of the issuance and number of shares issued (shares
    issued not including those distributed to employees if consisting in
    capital increase from earnings or capital surplus):
Total monetary value of the issuance:$490,653,260
Total number of shares issued:49,065,326 shares
(Capitalization of earnings:17,377,303 shares;
Capitalization of capital surplus:31,688,023 shares)
5.If adopting shelf registration, monetary value and number of shares
to be issued this time:NA
6.The remaining monetary value and shares after this issuance when
adopting shelf registration:NA
7.Par value per share:NT$10
8.Issue price:NA
9.Number of shares subscribed for by or allocated to employees:NA
10.Number of shares publicly sold:NA
11.Ratio of shares subscribed by or allotted as stock
dividends to existing shareholders:
96 shares tentatively allotted to per 1,000 shares originally held.
(34 shares from earnings and 62 shares from capital surplus)
12.Handling method for fractional shares and shares
unsubscripted for by the deadline:
Shareholders may apply to the stock transfer agent of the Company for
combination of fractional shares within five days from the book closure
date of ex-right. If no combination is made or if the number of shares
remains fractional following combination, the allotment will be made in
the form of cash based on par value in a dollar amount instead (rounded
down to dollar), and the Chairman will be authorized to arrange the
subscription by specific person or persons based on par value.
13.Rights and obligations of these newly issued shares:
Same as issued shares.
14.Utilization of the funds from the capital increase:
Strengthening the operating capital.
15.Any other matters that need to be specified:
If the company subsequently buys back or transfers treasury shares, or the
company’s employees execute stock options or other factors such as laws
and regulations have caused changes in the number of outstanding shares.
It is proposed to request the shareholders' meeting to authorize the board
of directors to adjust the allotment ratio.

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