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Corporate Governance Officer

Approved by the board of directors on August 11th, 2020, Yvonne Wang was appointed as the corporate governance personnel, responsible for corporate governance related affiars in order to protect shareholder rights as well as strengthening the functions of the BOD. As the senior manager of Finance Department, Yvonne Wang has accumulated over 3 years of financial management experience in a public company.  
Yvonne is in charge of corporate governance affairs, including but not limited to furnishing information required for business execution by directors, assisting directors’ compliance of law, handling matters related to board meetings and shareholders’ meetings according to law, and recording minutes of board meetings and shareholders’ meetings.
Execution in 2021
1、Assist Directors executing boards’ duties, provide necessary information, and arrange Directors’ Continuing education.
(1)、Aperiodically inform the Board of Directors with relevant information regarding updates of rules and regulations of Company’s industry as well as relevant corporate governance updates.
(2)、Prepare critical financial and business information, and provide company information required by directors.
(3)、Regularly arrange meetings between independent directors and internal audit supervisors or certified accountants to understand the current status of the company’s financial business
(4)、Arrange continuing education for Directors according to the industrial characteristics of the Company as well as the education background and experiences of Directors.

2、Handle related matters of the board of directors and shareholders meeting in accordance with the law, and assist the company to comply with relevant laws and regulations
(1)、Responsible for reviewing the release of material information of important board resolutions, ensuring the legality and correctness of the content to secure the equivalence of investor transaction information
(2)、Responsible for drafting the agenda of the board of directors, notifying the directors and providing meeting materials seven days before the meeting, reminding them in advance if the issue requires avoidance of interests, and completing the minutes of the board of directors within 20 days after the meeting.
(3)、Register the date of the shareholders meeting in advance in accordance with the law, prepare meeting notices, meeting handbooks, and meeting minutes within the statutory time limit, and handle change registration matters when the articles of association are revised or directors are re-elected
(4)、Revise relevant corporate governance measures in accordance with laws and regulations, and report the implementation status to the board of directors or audit committee in accordance with the provisions of the measures.

3、Maintain investor relations
(1)、Acting as the company’s acting spokesperson, accepting calls or emails from shareholders, and providing information required by shareholders.
(2)、If necessary, arrange the designated units or special personnel of the Company to communicate with institutional investors or general shareholders, so that investors can obtain sufficient information to evaluate and determine the reasonable capital market value of the Company in order to protect the rights and interest of shareholders.

4、Publicize and educate updated “Operating Procedures for Handling Internal Material Information and Preventing Insider Trading”
(1)、The company host educational awareness training pertaining to "Prevention of Insider Trading" and relevant regulations at least once a year. Newly appointed directors and managers will be scheduled for these courses respectively.
(2)、The company's current directors and management undertook the aforementioned education training on December 9th, 2021. The course included non-disclosure related issues regarding material information, the definition of insider trading, and case studies. The course also explained that everyone has the chance to participate and be informed internal material information. Therefore, everyone must read the details of procedure and comply all the rules. 
Host by Course Training period


Total training hours in the current year

From To
Securities and Futures Institute Directors and Supervisors (Independents) and Corporate Governance Officers Advanced Seminar-Talking about the functions of the board of directors from the prevention of corporate fraud  2021/07/15   2021/07/15  3.0 18.0
Securities and Futures Institute Directors and Supervisors (Independents) and Corporate Governance Officers Advanced Practical Seminar—Taipei Class  2021/07/27   2021/07/28  12.0
Taiwan Independent Director Association  How do directors analyze the financial statements and enterprise risk management  2021/08/10   2021/08/10  3.0

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