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Establishment History


1997  Establishment of the gut microbiota symbiotic fermentation technology

2000  Established Microbio Co., Ltd.

2001  Longtan Plant was established and passed the GMP certification  

MS-20 (Chemo young) conducts the phase III of human clinical trials

2004  Established Microbio (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.  

Established Taiwan's first "New Drug Research and Development Center"

2006  Microbio’s stock has been officially listed on over the counter market (4128)

2008  MB-6 obtained the US FDA Phase II Human Clinical Trial approval  

Became the first "Biotech New Drug Company" in Taiwan  

Herbiron conducts Phase III human clinical trials

2011  MS-20 (Chemo young) obtained the first certificate of oral solution for cancer new drug.

2013  Herbiron obtained the first compound herbs new drug certificate

MB-6 conducts Phase III human clinical trials

2015  Herbiron wins Biomedical Quality Award  

MB-110 (anti-C hepatitis new drug) passed the US FDA phase I human clinical trial application

2016  Joint development of the Pingtung County Nanjhou Township with ONENESS to establish PIC/S GMP Pharmaceutical Factory and Sightseeing Pharmaceutical Factory Park

2018  MS-20 (Chemo young) obtained invention patents in Taiwan, the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Europe and Indonesia

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